Snack Bar & the 11the Frame Lounge

Sunshine Lanes Snack Bar Hours of Operation

Fall/Winter: Summer: Greater Ozarks Open:

Sunday-- 12pm-9pm Sunday-- 12pm-9pm Sunday-- 7:30am-9pm

Monday--11:30am-9pm Monday--11:30am-9pm Monday-- 7:30am-9pm

Tuesday-- 11:30am-9pm Tuesday-- 11:30am-9pm Tuesday-- 7:30am-9pm

Wednesday-- 8:30am-9pm Wednesday-- 11:30am-9pm Wednesday-- 8:30am-9pm

Thursday-- 11:30am-9pm Thursday-- 11:30am-9pm Thursday-- 7:30am-9pm

Friday-- 11:30am-10pm Friday-- 11:30am-10pm Friday-- 7:30am-9pm

Saturday-- 8:30am-11pm Saturday-- 11:30am-11pm Saturday-- 8:30am-11pm